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Webinars on Equity and Anti-Racism

Dr. Rios presents to organizational leaders, educators, and students on anti-racism, social justice, equity, and community empowerment.

These conversations are conducted via interactive webinars and moderated Question and Answer sessions.  Dr. Rios also facilitates courageous conversations on race and anti-racism for organizations.

“The Santa Cruz County Office of Education invited Dr. Victor Rios to speak at our annual Administrators’ Kickoff, an event that “kicks off” the school year for all of our school administrators in Santa Cruz County. Dr. Rios presented to an audience of almost 200 people, via Zoom, and he made the event engaging, motivational and powerful. He spoke passionately about equity, anti-racism and opportunity for students. Not only did he give the keynote speech, but he also moderated a student panel of 10 Santa Cruz County high school students, and he made sure their voices and opinions were heard. His facilitation skills were excellent, and the empathy and compassion he displayed for the students was exemplary. Feedback from the event has been incredibly positive, and people left feeling inspired and ready to face the challenges to support our students in Santa Cruz County. His presentation and message were a perfect kick-off to the 20-21 school year.”


Dr. Rios has developed webinars for students, parents, and teachers: The Educational Trinity Series: Students, Parents, and Teachers Each Webinar is intended for each of these stakeholders.  The Student Webinar is intended to motivate and inspire our at-promise students.  The Parent Webinar, “Strategies for Supporting your Children with Remote Learning” keeps parents hopes up and provides specific ideas for negotiating with their children during these difficult times (available in Spanish).

Sample Webinars For Educators

The Anti-Racist Educator:  Engaging with Students through an Equity and Justice Framework

In recent months, young people all over the world have erupted in protest over the killing of unarmed Black civilians by police.  Should educators ignore these protests and calls for anti-racism?  How can educators have genuine conversations with their students about these important issues and other issues related to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion?  Dr. Rios provides educators practical strategies for being reflexive about anti-racism and for having courageous conversations with their students and their colleagues.

Reaching At-Promise Students through Emotional Support During the Remote Learning Revolution is a webinar for educators that provides strategies for continuing to support our most vulnerable students during these difficult times. Dr. Rios provides a facilitated conversation with educators and staff and then hosts virtual office hours after to discuss their individual questions in a one-on-one setting.

“My School Believes in Me”: Culturally Responsive Approaches for Reaching Students Through Remote Teaching and Remote Counseling

In this Webinar Dr. Rios will discuss culturally responsive strategies for providing guidance, counseling, and support for students.  Dr. Rios will share his research findings from a research project with 1879 high school students.  He will discuss student perceptions of counselors and teachers who are successful at inspiring and motivating them.

#teachersupport Through Social Media:  Meeting At-Promise Students Where They Are

During these difficult times we have to meet student where they are at. This means having to make the leap into social media as institutions and as individuals. This webinar will discuss best practice for educators on how to connect with student via social media. Emotional support through social media is possible. Dr. Rios will provide specific strategies for making these connections. Questions regarding boundaries, safety, accountability, and professionalism will be addressed.



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