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Dr. Rios's Film, The Pushouts

Dr. Rios's work and life story is featured in this award-winning documentary by filmmaker Katie Galloway. The film focuses on educational equity and supporting marginalized students in building a voice and succeeding in life. Purchase the film for screening by visiting: The Pushouts will screen at the following conferences and festivals:

  • 24April
    6:00 pm
    Southern Circuit Tour, Troy Screening

  • 25April
    6:00 pm
    Southern Circuit Tour, Jacksonville Screening

  • 26April
    6:00 pm
    Southern Circuit Tour, Sheffield Screening

  • 30April
    12:00 am
    Purchase the Pushouts

Dr. Victor Rios

Professor, Author, Speaker

Dr. Victor Rios is an award-winning college professor, author, and speaker.

Dr. Rios works with educators and service providers on Educational Equity, Cultural Responsiveness, Resilience, Closing the Opportunity Gap, Teacher Well-Being, and Restorative Justice.

                                   Recent Appearances

Commencement Speaker.  UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education.

Keynote Speaker. Nevada Department of Education Family Engagement Summit.  Reno

Keynote Speaker. National Academies Foundation.  Washington DC

Keynote Speaker.  National Mentor Conference.  Washington DC

Keynote Speaker. Advancing Improvement in Education.  San Antonio, TX

Keynote Speaker. Stanford Medicine.  Stanford University

Keynote Speaker. Denver Kids Conference.  Denver, CO